Oh well, it’s been only 30 min and I have fallen in love with this cutie already. Seems like I’ve found a perfect prom date! :D 

I’ve been doodling some pencil drawings just to keep myself busy while there is no inspiration for anything else. Surprisingly, it took only ~2 days to finish, wish I could work that productively all the time)


Just some still-life practice

Fanart on ADS01E08
I’ll probably re-paint some details later)

One of the most wonderful things about Adventure Time is that, apart from diverse character types and stunning OSTs, it has a huge variety of races and landscapes, which are undoubtedly endless source of inspiration.
P.S. It seems like I use Russian punctuation again, so I apologize in advance for any mistakes I make :D

Apparently all my OCs happen to have horns. Guess Freud might have a good explanation to that tendency :D

Yep, another fan art for AHS.
Guess who fucked up the background again

Some boring art-school stuff.
Well, yeah, I suck in painting, so I have no idea how am I supposed to take exams with skills like that :D

A new portion of WIPs for today) Опять рисуется что-то балахонисто-узорчатое, и, обожемой, опять рогатое.

WIP, inspired by Monthy Python